Medicaid and the Application Process

Applying for Medicaid to cover the cost of home care or nursing home care

Medicaid is a joint federal-state program. It provides medical assistance to eligible needy persons. Unlike Medicare it is an entitlement program based on income and asset guidelines. There is a New York State Department of Social Services, which is in charge of the program in New York State, the program is administered by county governments. Therefore, there is a local Department of Social Services in every county of New York State.

A mishandled Medicaid application can cost a family thousands of dollars. I know the rules and regulations and can handle the application professionally and efficiently.

The Medicaid Application Process

Medicaid is a monthly program, therefore, the applicant must be eligible as of the first day of the month of requested eligibility. On that date, the applicant’s resources must be at or below the Medicaid resource level. Medical bills and the cost of a prepaid funeral are the only deductions allowed after that date.

In making an appointment, you must contact your local county Department of Social Services. They must give you an appointment within 7 working days. You may preserve the date of contact as the application date, if needed. to face interview with a Social Welfare Examiner where you will need to give them all necessary

You then will need to have a face documentation. A determination of the application process is supposed to be given within 45 days.


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