Documents Needed for Medicaid Preparation


There’s so much more to filing a Medicaid application than gathering documents. Everything you’ve worked for your entire life is at risk.

Documents are needed for both spouses

  • Verification of Birth and Citizenship
  • Photo Identification
  • Medicare Card and Social Security Card
  • Health Insurance Cards (front and back) and current premiums
  • Verification of Marital Status: Marriage Certificate, Divorce Papers, Death Certificate of Spouse
  • Veterans Discharge papers
  • Verification of Income for Current Year: Pension Check and Stub, Social Security award letter (or copy of recent check)
  • All Estate Planning Documents: Power of Attorney Form, Last Will and Testament, Trust Agreement
  • Statements or passbooks on all bank accounts (open or closed) back 5 years from the month of requested eligibility.
  • All checks or receipts for any withdrawal $2,000.00 or over back 5 years from the month of requested eligibility.
  • Any other resource owned back 5 years from the month of requested eligibility: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.
  • Certificate of title to any motor vehicle: car or mobile home
  • Income Tax Returns, with all 1099s, in the past five years.
  • Residency verification: Deeds and tax bills to residence, any lease or rental agreement
  • Deed and tax bills for any other property owed
  • Contract of sale of any property sold in last 3 years
  • Prepaid funeral arrangements
  • Burial plot deed
  • Life Insurance policies: face and cash values

Important Note: Any unexplained deposit or withdrawal at the time of the Medicaid application may either cause a denial of the application or a creation of a penalty period.



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